As an affable and professional individual, I have consistently demonstrated a proven track record of completing tasks and projects punctually while upholding exceptional standards. In addition to possessing extensive knowledge and analytical acumen, I am adept at strategic thinking and possess an unwavering determination to thrive in competitive environments.

With exceptional communication skills, I excel at fostering collaboration among team members, establishing rapport, and cultivating robust relationships to promote team cohesion. My primary areas of expertise revolve around technology and digital transformation, aligning with my core interests and focus.

Singapore Management University

Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) - Double Major in Digitalization & Cloud Systems, Digital Business

Singapore Polytechnic

Diploma in Computer Engineering



MarTech | Performance Marketing (SG) | Consumer Banking Group (Internship)

Focused on optimizing paid media and owned channels for maximum impact. By leveraging on Adobe Analytics and collaborate with partners such as Google, Facebook, and the DBS Media Agency to achieve our goals. Aligning the DBS Organization Plan by utilizing data to drive digital campaigns and monetize DBS's digital properties. Driving higher take-up rates of Paylah! through initiatives like the Hawker Awards, Tertiary Student Campaign, and Gastrobeats, resulting in a 25% increase in registration and usage. Portfolio includes campaigns such as the Tertiary Paylah! Campaign, DBS Travel Props, DBS STB Rediscover, digiBank Live Simpler, and partnerships with Alipay/Remit.


Regional CRM – Platform Ops | Brand & Growth Marketing (Internship)

Using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform to implement a Welcome Series Journey for new customers, aiming to deliver a personalized experience and drive a monthly 5% increase in our customer base. By leveraging automation and data analytics, we established a comprehensive Journey Tracking system to retain customers and proactively prevent churn. Through A/B testing of campaign variations, we successfully optimized our growth and revenue strategies. Additionally, we conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on the mobile application and website across eight different countries, ensuring the seamless launch of new systems and functions in a live environment.


Software Engineer (Internship)

I developed digital advertising solutions that greatly increased consumer awareness and improved sales by 70 percent. Deployed smart remote technologies for our partners, reducing their need to travel onsite by up to 50 percent. I also led multiple projects in cybersecurity, computer networking, operating systems, and vulnerability testing. As part of these projects, I conducted site surveys to set up servers and switches, including firewalls and DMZ, to prevent intruders and maintain a high network uptime.

Community Service / CCAs
  • Python/Flask-Python
  • VueJS/React
  • C++/Arduino
  • Altium Designer/AutoCAD
  • Adobe Premier Pro / Final Cut Pro
  • Axure RP 9 / Signavio / Visio
  • RHEL / Kali Linux
  • Cisco Network Security
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

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