This software project focuses on developing a microservice solution tailored for the healthcare sector. The primary users of this system are pharmacists, doctors, and patients, with the main objective being the seamless management of appointments and medication dispensing. The platform empowers patients to create appointments, which are then scheduled by doctors. To ensure secure access, the project leverages the Singpass API for verification purposes, ensuring that only authorized individuals can interact with the system. Additionally, an AMQP service is implemented to listen for errors and logs, enabling efficient monitoring and issue resolution. The use of Docker allows for containerization, enhancing scalability and deployment flexibility. To validate and test the system’s endpoints, Postman is employed as a reliable testing tool. By integrating these technologies and functionalities, the software project strives to revolutionize healthcare services and streamline communication between pharmacists, doctors, and patients.

SeekHealth is our effort to allow healthcare providers to aggregate thousands of appointments and consultation information. The SeekHealth API allows healthcare providers to bring features for both their internal and external users.

  1. SeekHealth API Documentation:
  2. SG Verify Demo App:
  3. SingPass Verify API:
  4. Flask Login Documentation:
  5. WTForms Documentations:

1. Prerequisites

1.1 Installation

Please ensure that you have the following installed on your machine. You can follow this installation guide.

1.2 Launch

Make sure that your WAMP Server and Docker is running. Please ensure that the default port of MYSQL is 3306. Change the port number by Right Click WAMP Icon -> Tools-> under port use by MySQL-> use a port Other than XXXX. WAMP will be restarted.

2. Database

For Windows :

  1. Start WAMP server.

  2. Go to phpMyAdmin and log in.

    Username: root


  3. Import the sql statements in the following order under the database folder

    • g1t6_patient

    • g1t6_doctor

    • g1t6_appt

    • g1t6_prescription

    • g1t6_employee

3. Postman

Open Postman App and import ESD_G9T2.postman_collection.json. Run the requests to test the endpoints. Alternatively, you can access SeekHealth’s API through our public Postman documentation.

4. Docker

  1. Build the docker images.

    cd executables
    docker-compose up -d
  2. Please check that all the images and containers are running using docker images and docker ps in your command prompt. Using docker images, you should see the following images with tag g1t6.


    • borenlew/login_log:g1t6_v2
    • borenlew/patientlogin:g1t6_v2
    • borenlew/employeelogin:g1t6_v2
    • borenlew/singpass:g1t6_v2

    Complex Microservices

    • jthm/consultationinfo:g1t6
    • borenlew/bookingappt:g1t6_v2

    Simple Microservices

    • jthm/patient:g1t6
    • jthm/prescription:g1t6
    • jthm/appt:g1t6_v3
    • borenlew/doctor:g1t6_v2


    • rabbitmq:3-management

5. User Scenarios

We have a total of 8 scenarios across 3 user interfaces (UI). You can refer to the walkthrough under “recorded scenarios” folder.

5.1 Patient UI

5.1.1 Sign In / Sign Up

Create a SeekHealth account through http://localhost:5800/signup. SingPass Verification will be done through http://localhost:3003.

If you are already a SeekHealth user, sign in through http://localhost:5800/login.

  • Username: tanxiaohui98
  • Password: tanxiaohui98 is listening as an AMQP service and error logs would be recorded in the event of unrecognized credentials to login.

5.1.2 Create an appointment

Click on MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button. Select the following options under dropdown list.

  • Department: Cardiologists
  • Doctor: Tommy
  • Timeslot: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 03:30:00 GMT

Click on MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button and a popup confirmation can be seen.

5.1.3 View

Under the navigation bar, Upcoming Appointment allows you to view all your scheduled appointment and Doctors allow you to view all the available timeslots for you to book future appointments.

5.1.4 Log Out

Click on the Log Out tab under the navigation bar so that the session can end.

5.2 Doctor UI

5.2.1 Sign In

Sign In through http://localhost:5900/login.

  • Username: tommy123
  • Password: tommy123

Please select doctor as the role.

5.2.2 View all scheduled appointments and patient’s details

Once signed in, all scheduled appointments can be seen. Before the medical consultation, you can view the patient’s details by clicking on View Patient Details button.

5.2.3 Create consultation information

During the medical consultation, a new consultation detail can be added via the Add Consultation Details button. The patient is diagnosed with the following symptoms.

  • Diagnosis: dry cough, shortness of breath, fever
  • Medicine Name: ibuprofen
  • Dosage: 200mg

After the consultation, click on the Add button and a confirmation can be seen.

5.2.4 Log Out

End the session via http://localhost:5900/logout.

5.3 Pharmacist

5.3.1 Sign In

Sign in through http://localhost:5900/login.

  • Username: liying123
  • Password: liying123

Please select pharmacist as the role.

5.3.2 View all medical prescriptions

When preparing the medication, you can search for the prescription via patient ID.

5.3.3 Log Out

End the session via http://localhost:5900/logout.

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