WePlan - Event & Route Planner

WePlan - Event & Route Planner


WePlan, developed by our Team G6 - T9, is an application that helps you design and plan your upcoming events. It addresses various pain points such as the lack of a centralized place to store planned events, the need for a proper format for event plans, the time-consuming process of searching for suitable locations, and the desire for an effective tool to plan routes.

The solution includes functionalities such as map location and directions, point of interest recommendations, event creation, editing, and deletion, customizable activity blocks, general and map activities, and a telebot for sending information to notify users.

The application flow involves an index page, events page, activity page, and submission page, offering features like event overview, itinerary printing, export to PDF, past event tracking, weather forecasts, and user management. The application integrates UI and design elements, street view, location recommendations, direction functionalities, weather forecasting, HTML to PDF conversion, and database tables for events and users. Additionally, it includes features like sending event details and notifications to users.

To Start Off:

It is imperative that we prioritize our attention towards the pain points and the users’ needs. Therefore, we have narrowed down to the following cause and solution.

Pain Points Solutions
I do not have a place to store my planned events A place to store the user event plans
I am lacking a format for my event plans Standardising event planning process with the proper
format in place. Enabling event customisation at the time
I need to spend a lot of time searching for good place Provide recommendations of locations around user
selected area
I need a tool to plan my routes more effectively Showing travel time and routes to
user-selected places

Our functionalities consists of

Creating Events, Custom Activity Block, Map Location and Telebot.

Follow by application flow:

Telebot would send a notification to the user when there are changes being made to their accounts or events. Our web application have real-time synchornization which greatly helps our user to make sure that their scheduled notifications are always up to date.

Techstacks used:

TelegramInstant messaging app and communication platform
BootstrapFront-end framework for responsive web design
Google CloudCloud computing services by Google
Vue.jsJavaScript framework for building user interfaces
MySQLRelational database management system
OpenWeatherWeather data API service
HTML2PDFJavaScript library for converting HTML to PDF

Demo Video:

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